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april-may 2003


1999 Summer

Flight to Ungava: A South Dakota Escape; Landing & Lodging: Sheridan House Inn, Williams, Arizona; Plus: How Night Vision Works, Slipping Away, Survival Kits

February-March 2003

1999 Spring

A Rustic Oregon Ranch;
Lake Placid, New York;
Landing & Lodging: Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR.; Plus: Visual Illusions,
Flight's Fascination.

December02-January 03

1999 February  

Mount Whitney, Lone Pine, CA.; Air-Camping AK, Part II; Glacier Flying in the European Alps; Utah Opens Backcountry Strips; Landing & Lodging: Furnace Creek Inn & Ranch Resort, Death Valley, CA; Plus: Density Altitude Basics;
How Gliders will improve a power pilot's flying skills ; Survival Kits

april-may 2003

1998 December

Air-Camping Alaska, Part I; Ghost Town Touring-- Montana; Landing & Lodging: Castle Inn on English Knob, Spruce Pine, NC; Profile of Avery County/Morrison Field, Spruce Pine, NC; Plus: Preventing Hypoxia; How GPS Works; The Blind Spot ( A look at how the eye registers an item and its importance in flight);

april-may 2003

1998 October

Salmon, Idaho; Landing & Lodging: Houseboat rental on Lake Powell, Page, AZ; Symptoms of Hypoxia; Radio Upgrades: Slide-in technology makes upgrades efficient and easy; Plus: Aerial Photography: Tips on shooting photos from a plane; Landing Wheel Planes on Water: Hydroplaning

april-may 2003

1998 August

Orcas Island in the Pacific NW; Bryce Canyon, UT; Landing & Lodging: Packwood Hotel, Packwood, WA; Plus: Three-wheel Trials: Choosing and flying the perfect plane for the backcountry; A step-by-step guide to traversing mountains; Gliding Gains: Stemme streamlines its gliders with new technology; Survival Tips: High Altitude Medical Problems

april-may 2003

1998 December

Air-Camping Alaska, Part I; Ghost Town Touring-- Montana; Landing & Lodging: Castle Inn on English Knob, Spruce Pine, NC; Profile of Avery County/Morrison Field, Spruce Pine, NC; Plus: Preventing Hypoxia; How GPS Works; The Blind Spot ( A look at how the eye registers an item and its importance in flight);

april-may 2003

1998 June

Flying the Santa Fe Trail, Part II
Northern Alaska: Flightseeing in the 49th state, using Bettles as a base; Over the Great Salt Lake; Landing & Lodging: The Garden Creek Inn, Challis, ID; Plus: Micro-Vortex Generators; Recognizing Trouble; Survival Tips: Mountain Sickness

april-may 2003

1998 April

Flying the Santa Fe Trail, Part I; Routes to Alaska; American and European backcountry strips compared; Landing & Lodging: Wallowa Lake Lodge, Joseph, OR; Plus: Aircraft Review: C-182 Conversion; Moving Map Displays
Survival Tips: Without Oxygen

april-may 2003

1998 February

Truckee, Calif.; Landing & Lodging: Cody Guest Houses in Cody, Wyoming; Plus: Aircraft Review - Mountain Pilot covers two new aircraft, options, and Cessna's Training Centers and Kansas Plant; Survival Tips: Hyperthermia and Frostbite; Tackling Winter's Worst Weather; Spotting Carburetor Ice; Survival Tips: Snow Blindness

april-may 2003

1997 December

Utah Canyonlands; Landing & Lodging: Wapiti Meadows Ranch in Cascade, ID; Plus: Bose adding perks to its headsets; Mountain Pilot Fly-In; Aircraft Review: Cessna 182; Survival Tips: Hyperthermia and Frostbite

april-may 2003

1997 0ctober

Utah Backcountry Airstrips; Landing & Lodging: Irondoquoit Inn, Piseco, NY; Plus: Turns About A Point; Mountain Weather: Know your clouds; Mountain Winds; Aircraft Review: Husky; Calculating "Too Close": Keeping a closer look from becoming a last look; Survival Tips: Hyperthermia

1997 June

  • Travel
    Cavanaugh Bay, Idaho (camping)
    Alaska's Inside Passage
    Landing & Lodging - Flying S Ranch, Saratoga, Wyo.
    Mountain Airport - West Yellowstone, Mont.

  • Technical
    Backcountry Radio Rules
    Is a Twin-Engine Better?
    Checking Density Altitude
    Survival - Where to Find Water

1997 April

  • Travel
    Red's Horse Ranch, Ore.
    Big Creek (Idaho) Camping
    Alaskan Adventure - Part II
    Landing & Lodging - Majestic Mountain Inn, Payson, Ariz.
    Mountain Airport - McCall, ID

  • Technical
    Engine Failure on Takeoff
    Thunderstorm Warnings
    Survival - Treating Water

1997 February

  • Travel
    Smiley Creek (Idaho) Camping
    Alaskan Adventure - Part I
    Landing & Lodging - Benchmark
    Wilderness Ranch, Mont.
    Mountain Airport - Stanley, Idaho

  • Technical
    Upslope Weather
    Calculating Pre-landing Wind Speeds
    Survival - Unconventional Firestarting
  • Personal Experience
    One Night Flight Teaches Valuable Lessons

1996 December

  • Travel
    Mount Rainier Airstrips
    Dawson City, Yukon
    Landing & Lodging - Hotel McCall, McCall, Idaho
    Mountain Airport - Benchmark, Lewis & Clark Nat. Forest, Mont.

  • Technical
    Mountain Pass Downdrafts
    Travel Air
    Winter Winds
    Taking Off: Uphill or Downhill
    Survival - Building a Fire


1996 October

  • Travel
    Owyhee Reservoir, Ore.
    Landing & Lodging - Goulding's Lodge Monument Valley, Utah
    Mountain Airport - Monument Valley, Utah

  • Technical
    Mountain Waves
    Takeoff Calculations
    Mountain Flying Basics - Part III
    Why I Teach Mountain Flying
    Oxygen's Evolution
    Survival - Signals


1996 June

  • Travel
    The Old West by Air
    Landing & Lodging - The Meister House, Buena Vista, Colo.
    Mountain Airport - Gunnison, Colo.

  • Technical
    Fighting for the Backcountry
    Montana Wilderness Mission
    Mountain Flying Basics - Part II
    Peculiar Mountain Weather
    Stehekin State Airport, Wash.
    Survival - Equipment for an Alaskan Trip


1996 April

  • Travel
    North to Alaska - Part II
    Landing & Lodging - Sulfur Creek Ranch - Idaho Wilderness
    Mountain Airport - Grand Canyon, Ariz.

  • Technical
    Moving Map Systems
    The Basics of Mountain Flying -Part I
    Mountain Transitions
    Over the Rockies Without An Engine - Part II
    Survival - Snow Trenches

  • Personal Experience
    Surprise for a New Instrument Pilot

1995 December

  • Travel
    Afton, Wyo. Call Air Museum & Aviat Factory
    Landing & Lodging - Alpine Inn,Telluride, Colo.
    Mountain Airport - Hailey, Idaho

  • Technical
    Backcountry Departure Details -Part I
    Keep Tabs on GPS
    Survival - Shelters

  • Personal Experience
    An Open Door Policy


1995 October

  • Travel
    Landing & Lodging - Chico Hot Springs Lodge, Prey, Mont.
    Mountain Airport - Ely, NV.

  • Technical
    Homebuilt Handbook - Part II
    Hand Helds
    The Descent
    Survival - Aircraft Kit Additions
    I'm Building - Is It Worth It?


1995 August

  • Travel
    B & B - Casa Sedona, Sedona, Ariz.
    Mountain Airport - Jackson, Wyo.

  • Technical
    Do It! But Do It Right.
    Homebuilt Handbook - Part 1
    No More Noise
    The Look
    Survival - Additional Items For Kit

  • Personal Experience
    Mountain Humility


1995 April

  • Travel
    Flying Idaho Backcountry
    Johnson Creek Airpark, Idaho
    B & B - Water Street Inn, Santa Fe, N.M.
    Mountain Airport - Eagle, Colo.

  • Maintenance
    Spring Cleaning

  • Technical
    - Priorities
    Before You Buy
    Switching to Jets - Part 1
    A Guide to GPS and Loran - Part 1

  • Personal Experience
    Near-Death Demo


1995 February

  • Travel
    Navajo State Park, Colo.
    B & B - Blue Lake Ranch, Durango, Colo.
    Mountain Airport - Leadville, Colo.

  • Maintenance
    Cold Weather Maintenance Tips

  • Technical
    Winter Preflight
    I'm Building - Is It Worth It?
    Survival - Psychology


1994 October

  • Travel
    You're Landing Where? Possum Creek, CO
    Enshrining an Era, U.S.A.F. Academy, CO
    Oshkosh 1994
    B & B - Moose Meadows, Wilson, WY

  • Maintenance
    Window Dressing

  • Technical
    Mountain Flight Training Guide -Part 2
    Light Twins in the Mountains - Part 1
    Mexico Flight Procedures
    Aviation Law Notes - Partnership


1994 August

  • Travel
    The Rails of Verde River, Clarkdale, Ariz.
    B & B - Victoria's Keep, Manitou Springs, Colo.
    World Indoor Airport - Denver

  • Technical
    Conventional Gear Operations
    Who's in Control - Instrument Scan
    Kinder, Gentler FAA
    Aviation Law - Accidents

  • Personal Experience
    Kicking Tin
    Night Approach - Las Cruces, N.M.
    My Personal Minimums
    65 Horses and a Colt .45 - WWII Courier Service


1994 May/June

  • Travel
    B & B - Berthoud, Colo.
    Phoenix 500 Air Race

  • Technical
    Mexico Update
    Summer Weather - Convection
    Dimona Katana - Two-Place Trainer
    My-Opia Is Missing - Improve Your Vision
    Aviation Law - The Open Pilot Clause

  • Personal Experience
    Profile in Aviation - High Flyer
    No More Monkey Business
    Flak Bait - Gliding Into Combat


1994 March/April

  • Travel
    The Presence of the Past - Cortez, Colo.

  • Technical
    Best Airplane for Mountain Flying
    Flying IFR in the Mountains - Part 3
    GPS Update
    What the GA Pilot Can Expect from DIA
    Aviation Law - Purchase Agreement

  • Personal Experience
    The Legend of Captain Jeppesen
    Line Service Anyone?


1994 Jan/Feb.

  • Travel
    Desert Retreat, Tucson, Ariz.
    Mexico Flights

  • Technical
    IFR Mountain Flying - Part 2
    VFRing Across the Rockies
    Aviation Law

  • Personal Experience
    If I Were an Airplane, I'd Be a DC-3